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11 November 2009 @ 05:50 pm

Title: The Uprising.
Author: Americanxmouth
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Law & Order: SVU. House. MD. Castle
Characters: Casey Novak.
Authors Note: Change to Season 9 of SVU. Casey was only suspended, not disbarred. Also, this is before House’s mental break down… or in the future. It really doesn’t matter. Simply, everything is back to normal.

Summary: But despite everything… Casey pressed the button with the green phone on it.

“Jesus…”Casey Novak grunted as her hand slipped over her night shirt. Her Upper West Side apartment let in lots of light, which conveniently shimmered directly into her face. Usually, Casey didn’t mind the wake up call. But since her suspension ending last year, Alexandra Cabot returning to the precinct and her being unemployed… the last thing she wanted was to be awake with nothing to do. She had tried going back to work after her suspension ended but found nothing. She considered going into personal or company lawyer, but what if someone she had to defend was a rapist? Or something like that. For five years of her life, she’d been working with justice. She couldn’t just cross over to the ‘dark side.’ So, she lived on the money she was saving for retirement, or when she was in trouble.


Casey turned her back to the window, but it was too late. She was already awake. Her left eye opened slightly to spot the time on her clock. It read fifteen passed nine. Late for most, but early for Casey. Where did she have to be? Her day consisted of looking in the want ads, catching up on her soaps and watching the news for a glimpse of her old co-workers. She did stay in touch with Elliot and Olivia, and once in a while Munch called. Elliot and Casey always had a close relationship and she missed him more than anyone else. They always planned on meeting up for lunch or something… but he always cancelled. She understood; knowing how busy he was with everything. Casey sat up slowly, stroking blonde hair from her green eyes. Ever since she was a little girl, she woke up looking like she had had a fight with a group of angry cows. Her hair was tangled and high, and her face was pale except for her ruddy cheeks. The first thing she did was put on a pair of socks and shuffled into the living room. The answering machine flashed, and her first thought was to listen to it. Her thoughts soared and her imagination acted up as she pressed the square button with a triangle on it.


“You have one message” The man’s voice said. Then the message began after the beep.


“Casey honey, it’s your mom! I was wondering how you were, and if you met anyone yet! You’re getting older honey, and your birthday is in a few days. We gotta get that baby maker working before I end up having no grandkids. Anyway, how’s finding a job been going? I heard it’s hard out there nowadays. But you can always try. Your father and I are going out to brunch. Call me if you need anything… like money or a place to stay. Love you!”


Casey rolled her eyes as the message ended. The last thing she wanted was her mother yapping in her ear about her being single and jobless. She had no trouble getting men… she just didn’t want to. Casey was never one to settle. She was in love with Charlie… and he was her last real relationship. Then there was Chester Lake. They flirted, but it was never anything serious. He was the reason why she was suspended for a year. If not for him, she wouldn’t have lied to a judge and would probably be getting justice for a woman who deserved and needed it.  But wallowing in self pity was never something Casey did. She was strong and stubborn and would one day get married and have the job of her dreams.


The nice young boy down the hall had brought Casey her paper, as usual. He was the apartment paper boy. By the time Casey got her paper from in front of her door, it was nine-thirty and a pot of coffee was already brewing. Usually Casey would skip right through the paper to the want ads, to see if there was anything she was  qualified for. In high school she took journalism, and in college she minored in advertising. Any kind of job like writer for a newspaper or a campaign for a local shop would be fine with her. But today as she was placing three sugars into her coffee, she spotted an article that drew her attention.


New Jersey Doctor: Brilliantly Cruel.

Story by: Jessica Andrew.


Princeton, New Jersey has its up and downs, but this one man sure is stirring up some controversy. Doctor Gregory House is his name, and he is the Einstein of medicine. His cases are ones that other doctors wouldn’t figure out. His success rate is 92%, better than any other doctor in the tri-state area and most likely the USA. But, his genius comes with a side order or snark: extra large. He has been sued over ten times for inhospitality and on occasion, racism. The hospital has had a total of five lawyers, and all have ran away with their tail between their legs. At the moment, the doctor is defenseless. Overlooking his attitude is hard, but it’s worth it. In the last five years, only three patients that came into his hands died (apart from ones with incurable diseases.) Not only is the hospital a teaching hospital, but it has one of the only free clinics in the area. If you’d like more information on this hospital, call the number below.


Casey stared at the article, re-reading the part about how the lawyer ran off. He’s defenses… meaning they don’t have any legal representation… Casey looked at the number at the bottom of the article. Pro’s and Con’s ran through her brain. The Pro’s were that she would have a job, and if she didn’t run off it would boost up her reputation and down the line may get her a job back in criminal justice. The con’s were that she would have to wake up early and drive all the way to Princeton, which was a little over two hours away. Casey bit her bottom lip and dialed in the numbers. Was she doing the right thing? She has been out of work for two years! What if she lost the ‘magic touch?’ Making an ass out of herself was not an option. Plus… it seemed too far fetched. The hopistal probably had a thousand people who thought they could do that job, and they probably could. And odds are, half of them never lied to a judge.


But despite everything… Casey pressed the button with the green phone on it.


“Hello.. I am Casey Novak. May I speak to the dean? I have some questions about the legal department.”